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About Us

What is Trimlight?

Trimlight is an innovated lighting system. It is designed to be concealed and blend in with the trim of the home (fascia board) so that it is hardly noticeable during the daylight hours but allows the home to be displayed and shown off with decorative and festive lights at the time the homeowner decides.

It is app controlled and customizable to allow each home owner to display the patterns, movements, and spacing that they want.

Trimlight Edge app

Who is Trimlight North San Antonio?

We are an authorized dealership of Trimlight. We were established as a family owned and run business in 2021. With over 20 years in construction industry, we strive to exceed expectations and love bringing light and joy into people's lives. We are based out of San Antonio and service the entire San Antonio area. We hold our selves and our employees to high expectations and believe in taking care of our customers as well as employees. 

Our professional team specializes in installing and customizing Trimlight systems. Our teams are well trained and have helped train and establish other professional install crews for other authorized Trimlight dealerships.

Just A Few Amazing Benefits...

  • Trimlight is permanent and programmable home lighting that matches your existing fascia.

  • Trimlight is patented! (Patent# 8,926,118) Trimlight has been around longer than most permanent home holiday lighting systems.

  • The unique design of Trimlight attaches underneath the fascia of your home or business, which locks the lights securely in place and allows all light bulb wires to be out of sight.

  • Trimlight allows home or business owners to have permanent lighting installed just once, resulting in beautiful lighting at night that is hardly noticeable during the day!

  • With Trimlight Select's programmable lighting, you can celebrate any holiday, special event, or sporting event or enjoy beautiful lighting all year long.

Features of Trimlight

Aluminum Channel that matches the colors of your home. With dozens of different colors, Trimlight has an aluminum color that fits most standard-colored homes. We have many complementary colors, whether it's painted wood, aluminum, steel, or fiber-cement board.

Hardly Noticeable during the day. The diodes (light bulbs) barely protrude from the channel, giving it a hidden effect. By protruding out it allows the bulb to be visible and enjoyed when illuminated.

Our Trimlight channel does not interfere with most gutters or other architectural features on a building. It is safely below where water can enter, or UV rays can damage the bulbs. Trimlight is so confident behind our products that we back our parts with a limited lifetime warranty!

Our Trimlight Edge system allows the user to control sections of bulbs with ease. Creating patterns, adding accent lighting to the home during non-holiday seasons, to adding movements is easily accomplished through our app. Enjoy one of our pre-set 180 movements/patterns or create one yourself! Our lights have many ways to be enjoyed!

Hardly Noticeable during the day

Tons of Options to Choose From

Multiple Color Combinations

Trimlight bulbs use exclusively LED lighting technology designed to last far longer than conventional, incandescent bulbs and use only a fraction of the power.

Pool lighting
Deck Lighting

Close up of Permanent Christmas Light Channel

Our Trimlight channel is made from high-quality, 100% recyclable aluminum available in various colors to ensure that we can provide the track that best matches the color of your home.

Aluminum Colors

Available in lots of aluminum colors to match almost any home.

Pool Cage Lighting
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