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About Us

What is Trimlight?

In 2010 Ryan, our founder, was tired of hanging lights in the cold to have to remove them a month later while still buried in ice and snow. He knew there had to be a better way.

He diligently researched how homes are constructed to see where the best place would be to install lights permanently and how best to do it. He knew that compromising the roof or gutters was not the right thing to do, so he eventually determined that installing at the fascia line was the best option.

Trimlight Edge app

After Much Research

He found that any lights or wires heavily exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun will fail relatively quickly and that directing the lights outward will only work for a few applications. He figured out that to keep the lights lasting for decades and to meet the life expectancy stated by manufacturers, pointing the lights down was the best design option. Once he determined the best light positioning, he experimented with several options for building materials. He found the proper shape, raw material type, and size that would seamlessly blend with the architecture and give the lights adequate installation and ease of maintenance design.

With neighbors soon lining up to get more information, he realized the incredible potential and brought in some of his best friends to help launch Trimlight as a business.

Just A Few Amazing Benefits...

  • Trimlight is permanent and programmable home lighting that matches your existing fascia.

  • Trimlight is patented! (Patent# 8,926,118) We've been around longer than most permanent home holiday lighting systems.

  • The unique design of Trimlight attaches underneath the fascia of your home or business, which locks the lights securely in place and allows all wires to be out of sight.

  • Trimlight allows home or business owners to have permanent lighting installed just once, resulting in beautiful lighting at night that is hardly noticeable during the day!

  • With Trimlight Select's programmable lighting, you can celebrate any holiday, special event, or sporting event or enjoy beautiful lighting all year long.

Features of Trimlight

Aluminum Channel that matches the colors of your home. With dozens of different colors, Trimlight has an aluminum color that should fit most standard-colored homes. We have many complementary colors, whether it's painted wood, aluminum, steel, or fiber-cement board.

Hardly Noticeable during the day. The diodes barely protrude from the channel, giving it a hidden effect. We could have gone flush, but you wouldn't see the light from other angles if the bulb was flush.

The Trimlight channel does not interfere with most gutters or other architectural features on a building. It is safely below where water can enter, or UV rays can damage the bulbs.

Our Select PLUS system allows the user to control every bulb with ease. Features include selecting colors to rotate back and forth, flash, run through a cycle of multiple colors, chasing, stacking, Snake Runs, Rainbow patterns, Strobe effect, Wave Runs, Comet Runs, and Pulsing. A simple smartphone touch will allow you to choose any color combination from millions of options.

Hardly Noticeable during the day

Tons of Options to Choose From

Multiple Color Combinations

Trimlight bulbs use exclusively LED lighting technology designed to last far longer than conventional, incandescent bulbs and use only a fraction of the power.

Pool lighting
Deck Lighting

Close up of Permanent Christmas Light Channel

Our Trimlight channel is made from high-quality, 100% recyclable aluminum available in various colors to ensure that we can provide the track that best matches the color of your home.

Aluminum Colors

Available in lots of aluminum colors to match almost any home.

Pool Cage Lighting
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